What are the sizes available?

Dreamrex provides mattresses of several sizes including single, super single, queen, and king. The respective measurement of each sizes are as listed below:

Type Size (width x length)
Single 91cm x 191cm
Super Single 107cm x 191cm
Queen 152cm x 191cm
King 183cm x 191cm

As a professional mattress manufacturer in Malaysia, Dreamrex is also pleased to offer custom-made mattresses in which the goods are produced based on the measurement requested by the clients. Custom-made mattress is well-received as it caters to the specific needs and wants of individuals.

Does the mattress come with warranty?

Yes. All of our products carry a minimum of 5-year warranty and a maximum of 15-year warranty, depending on the type of mattress. If the product is found faulty while under warranty, rest assured that we provide on-site service to have the problem solved.

The warranty can be activated through online registration in Dreamrex’s website. The link to E-warranty is as provided below:


What is latex?

Latex is made from the sap of rubber tree and it is popular to be used in the mattress manufacturing particularly in Europe countries. Believed to have a history back in the 50s, latex mattress is a much sought after product and it remains relevant even until today. Latex mattress is tested to have exceptional performance in terms of its durability, providing significant posture support. Generally, one can get an idea of the firmness of a mattress by checking out on its Impression Load Deflection (ILD) where a higher ILD indicates firmer foam and vice versa.

Latex mattress is loved by many people including experts in the medical field as it is resistance to dust mites and bacteria. It is also less likely to transmit movement, allowing an individual to not be disturbed by the movement of his/her partner who shares the mattress.

What are the advantages of memory foam?

Made from viscoelastic, memory foam perfectly deals with body heat and pressure for a balanced weight distribution. Instead of forcing one’s body to alter according to the shape of the mattress, it keeps one’s spine in the natural alignment by adjusting the mattress shape to fit the body shape of the individual.

Memory foam can also return to its original shape even after pressure is exerted for a long time, creating a great sense of comfort. Individuals who tend to toss and turn during sleep is advised to seek for memory foam to prevent body discomfort.

Why is anti-static technology important?

Whenever a person is in contact with objects, one’s body accumulates electron that makes one feel tensed and uneasy. Anti-static technology is incorporated in the production of mattress so as the carbon fibre thread can help to draw static electricity from the body. With anti-static mattress, one can be at ease during his/her sleep and thus enjoy a sleep of better quality. It is also studied that anti-static mattress helps to reduce the required sleeping time by 20 minutes. Anti-static mattress is particularly suitable for individuals who suffer from insomnia.

Why is the feature of anti dust mite necessary?

It is studied that 40 percent of the world population faces allergy problems in which dust mites are known as one of the causes. Frequently found on mattresses, dust mites produce enzymes that harm delicate cells in the body, subsequently causing the sleeping individuals to experience asthma, running nose, wheezing, or other associated diseases. This is therefore recommended for individuals who are sensitive to dust to always go after an anti dust mite mattress.